OCR for Linux

Latest Release: CLI OCR 11 for Linux - Release 3 (08.07.2015)

Why use OCR on Linux?

  • Linux runs a significant percentage of business critical applications, such as web, mail, file and database servers. Most of these systems are the backbone of enterprises.
  • Everyone deals these days with digital documents, both in private and business life. Paper documents however still exist and they contain a lot of important data and information that needs to be extracted.
  • OCR technology is key in gaining access to paper-based information and integrating it in digital workflows. OCR allows the user to quickly convert scanned documents into searchable, editable documents or platform independent PDFs.
  • Since OCR is only applied once in a lifecycle of a document the quality of the recognition and conversion is critical. ABBYY OCR technology has proven performance, consistent results, increases productivity.

What is ABBYY FineReader Engine CLI for Linux?

  • ABBYY FineReader Engine CLI for Linux is a ready to use CLI tool based on ABBYY’s advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies. New in V11: now 64-bit native!
  • The tool automates OCR and document conversion on Linux systems.
  • Processing is fully controlled via the command line.
  • ABBYY OCR for Linux offers the same high OCR quality that is available on Windows.
  • Many output formats are supported, for example: Text only, RTF, HTML, XML with page layout and character information and PDF.
    PDF/A Support - the ISO standard for long-term archiving. New in V11:
    • PDF/A-2 for smaller files
    • PDF/A-3 support
    • ODT, ePub and ALTO XML Export
  • Barcode Recognition 1D & 2D
  • New in V11:
    • Processing Profiles
    • Built in multi-core CPU support for multi-page documents
    • PDF Export Profiles - optimized for visual quality, compression or export speed
  • If more sophisticated processing and deeper integration are needed, developers can also use the ABBYY OCR SDKs. FineReader Engine CLI for Linux is based on the ABBYY FineReader Engine for Linux. More on technical info on the different ABBYY OCR SDKs: https://abbyy.technology/

Why use ABBYY OCR technology?

  • ABBYY provides state-of-the-art document recognition and PDF conversion technologies,
  • Benefit from superior accuracy that is widely appreciated by many customers and industry professionals worldwide.
  • ABBYY OCR technology is available for Linux and many other platforms, e.g: Android, BSD, Linux, MacOS X, iPhone, Symbian, Windows, Windows Mobile…
  • ABBYY FineReader Engine CLI for Linux supports recognition of documents that contain multiple languages. In total over 190 languages can be supported.

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