ABBYY OCR for Linux

Since many years ABBYY offers OCR software products and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for the Linux platform.

Next to the well-known SDK ABBYY FineReader Engine for Linux, which is intended for a deep level integration and appreciated by the Linux developer community, the Command Line tool ABBYY FineReader Engine CLI for Linux offers the possibility to automate document conversion processes and integrate OCR into business workflows on Linux systems even without advanced programming skills.

ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 CLI for Linux

ABBYY FineReader Engine CLI for Linux is a powerful ready-to-use command line based application for system administrators, developers and advanced computer users who want to use optical character recognition (OCR, text recognition) and PDF conversion technologies on the Linux platform.

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The software allows the users to convert scanned pages, photographed documents as well as all types of PDFs into editable files, compressed searchable PDFs and PDF/A 1-3 formats as well as into XML data. ABBYYs OCR software offers text recognition for more than 200 languages. IT professionals, software developers as well as large enterprise customers worldwide appreciate its superior recognition accuracy.

ABBYY FineReader Engine CLI for Linux is based on the Software Development Kit SDK ABBYY FineReader Engine for Linux.

New Release: ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 CLI for Linux - Release 6 (12.09.2016)

What is new in version 11 and New features in Release 6

Key Features

  • OCR processing controlled via command lines
  • High accuracy and OCR quality (same as for Windows plattforms)
  • Broad set of output formats, for example:
    • Text only, RTF, HTML, PDF, XML (with page layout and character information)
    • PDF/A 1-3
    • ODT, ePub and ALTO XML
  • Recognition of 1D & 2D barcodes
  • New in V11:
    • 64-bit native
    • PDF/A export
    • Processing Profiles
    • Built in multi-core CPU support for multi-page documents
    • PDF Export Profiles - optimised for visual quality, compression or export speed

If more sophisticated processing and deeper integration are needed, developers can also use the Software Development Kit ABBYY FineReader Engine for Linux or the ABBYY Cloud OCR Service. For more information, please visit:

Why use ABBYY OCR technology?

Document conversion is key in gaining access to paper-based information and integrating it into digital workflows. OCR technology allows the user to quickly convert scanned documents into searchable, editable documents or PDFs. Since the OCR step is typically conducted only once in a lifecycle of a document, the quality of the recognition and conversion is of a high importance. ABBYYs premium OCR offers high-quality recognition results as well as a set of additional features.

How is ABBYY OCR for Linux performing against others?

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ABBYY provides state-of-the-art document recognition and PDF conversion technologies with superior accuracy that is widely appreciated by many customers and industry professionals worldwide.